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BMS110 24V 48V Battery Pack Remote Monitoring Solution

Battery packs are frequently used in base station backup power supplies, emergency power supplies, solar power generation, building backup supplies, computer room backup supplies, and emergency power supplies. Choosing the best battery pack remote online monitoring solution can significantly lower operational costs depending on the actual application.

This paper introduces a remote online monitoring solution use BMS110 for 24V and 48V battery packs based on 4G and 5G wireless network communication technology. The user can achieve single battery pack voltage monitoring, total battery pack voltage monitoring, current monitoring, and temperature monitoring at low cost, and realize data collection, display, and alarm through IOT cloud. Users can also monitor the battery bank's status at any time via APP, WeChat, SMS, voice, email, and other means. Users can also directly control equipment, inverters, etc. via remote control.

1. Online base station battery pack monitoring

The 48V base station battery pack is often made up of 24 2V batteries, 8 6V single cells, and 4 12V single cells. The 48V battery pack acquisition module BMS110 measures the battery pack's total voltage, cell voltage, and wiring scheme. The battery pack is made up of single 2V, 6V, and 12V cells.

2. Online monitoring of solar photovoltaic power generation battery pack

Solar cells typically provide 12V and 24V of electricity, which must be stored throughout the day when no electricity is needed. As a result, it's important to keep an eye on the efficiency and voltage of these cells. 48 volt battery pack wiring for single 2V, 6V, and 12V cells.

3. Online monitoring system for backup battery pack in building computer room

Batteries for computer rooms are commonly utilized, and people frequently believe wrongly that batteries are unprotected and unimportant. As a result, the battery in the engine room frequently caught fire and exploded, causing the owner to suffer a major loss.

Usually, after one of the batteries in the computer room cracks, the battery is not treated properly, deteriorates quickly, explodes, and ignites. Due to the use of series and parallel batteries, only one area will catch fire, and the entire piece will spread quickly, leading to a significant fire incident. Because of this, it is crucial to develop a thorough, reliable, and consistent battery protection test technique. It is also crucial to implement a battery online monitoring and monitoring system for the batteries used in the computer room.

The battery pack in the computer room has a voltage of 48V, and the 48V battery pack acquisition module BMS110 can continuously record both the overall voltage and cell voltage.


The online real-time monitoring of the battery packs can be done in a cascading fashion if there are many groups of battery packs.

The computer room battery can operate safely and steadily while costing less to maintain thanks to the battery's online monitoring system.