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S130 remote control water pump on/off valve system

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Widely used in water pumping houses, agricultural irrigation, etc., which need to control the start and stop of pumps and pumping. The cost of starting and stopping the pump is greatly reduced, and the time is saved and the efficiency is improved
Start and stop the pump by detecting the level of the water level. When the water level reaches the upper limit, the water level detector detects the water level upper limit signal output by the float switch, and sends a “close pump” command to the water pump controller. The built-in relay of the water pump controller will be disconnected, thereby closing the water pump; The pump is started when the lower limit is reached. Thereby, the remote control pump switch monitoring is realized, and the data is viewed through the mobile phone APP, and the short message or APP controls the start and stop pump. This greatly reduces the cost of starting and stopping the pump, and saves time and improves efficiency.

[Applicable equipment]: S150 RTU5022