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S260 medicine cold chain transportation
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S260 medicine cold chain transportation
As a branch of the logistics industry, the pharmaceutical cold chain refers to a systematic project between the producer and the user of a refrigerated drug entity for the purpose of satisfying people's disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment, including its production, transportation and storage. , use and other links. With the continuous increase of the scale of pharmaceutical circulation in China, the development of the pharmaceutical cold chain, which was originally supplemented by the pharmaceutical circulation supply chain, has attracted more attention. "Biological agents such as vaccines, cytokines, enzyme preparations, and blood products are very sensitive to temperature.

The storage, transportation, transfer, and distribution processes are required to be kept under the specified refrigerated state and effective time to ensure stable quality. If exposed during circulation, Under normal temperature or high temperature conditions, it is prone to degeneration, degradation, aggregation and loss of biological efficacy, and may also release harmful components such as sensitizing factors, posing a threat to clinical use.

The whole process of cold chain can guarantee the quality of the vaccine. What happens when the cold chain is broken? Vaccines that are not kept in strict accordance with vaccine preservation requirements can be called super-temperature vaccines. As the news says, the biggest problem with over-temperature vaccines is failure. Under inappropriate storage conditions, the antigenic components of the vaccine are inactivated and the immune response cannot be activated after inoculation, so that when the pathogen is encountered again, the body cannot be protected. In a word, it was a white fight.

There are also some differences in sensitivity to temperature depending on the type of vaccine and the type of vaccine. Even if the vaccine is relatively insensitive to temperature, long-term placement at room temperature does not guarantee activity.

For the entire population, the impact of ineffective vaccines may not be obvious in a short period of time, but the long-term potential risks remain huge: Imagine if most people are vaccinated against one or more diseases. That will inevitably greatly increase the risk of a large-scale outbreak or epidemic of the disease, which is the greater consequence of this vicious incident.

medicine cold chain transportation
[Applicable equipment]: S26x