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S272 elevator foundation pit environmental monitoring
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There is water in the elevator pit that may bubble the pit buffer switch and wiring. During the operation of the elevator, the elevator compensation chain is also operated along with the elevator car. If there is too much water, the compensation chain will be washed and then the water will rise and fall to the door machine or the car junction box, and it will be compared. Big fault.

Elevator foundation pit leak detection
Modern urban society is inseparable from elevators, and elevators have become standard equipment for large buildings and small high-rises. In recent years, the frequent occurrence of elevator accidents has also made everyone respect the elevator. Due to the design or waterproof construction, some elevator foundation pits are prone to water leakage problems, which not only affects environmental sanitation, but also affects the safety performance of elevator parts and electrical components. It is especially important to monitor the water leakage in the foundation pit in real time and take preventive measures. There are several possibilities for the water in the elevator foundation pit: groundwater infiltration, surface water inflow, and surface water seepage. The elevator foundation pit leakage monitoring system can monitor the water leakage of the foundation pit for 24 hours, and immediately notify the alarm when the water leakage is detected.

System Block Diagram:
Foundation pit seepage alarm

[Applicable device model]: S27X